5 Stone down, 2 Stone to go

Why a low carb blog?

Well, good question. This blog is to help people quickly understand the Low Carb ways of living that can transform your weight and more importantly your health.

So many people ask me for advice and it’s been hard to find the right place to send a starter. Websites are often way too technical, just trying to sell you keto snacks (please don’t buy keto snacks) or sound so full-on ‘miracle cure’ you immediately doubt their credibility.

What do I bring?

Simply first hand experience of success, a thirst for understanding and the wish to help others.

I’ve gained knowledge from so many experts in the Keto, Low Carb and Fasting arena who are simply brilliant and really genuine people. Often so keen to change the medical establishment’s thinking, they have little or no financial gain from their work. I will be introducing you to them as we go and will be stealing their knowledge with pride (with acknowledged thanks). Through their research and success with patients, medical guidance is slowly changing and over the next 5-10 years you will see government nutrition advice turn 180.

I’ll also be introducing you to fellow low carb success stories. Some have reversed Type2 Diabetes, others have lost incredible amounts that make mine look like a rounding error! All will tell you how we’ve been gravely misinformed about how we should eat.

We’ll explore why weight gain and the onset of many chronic conditions are NOT inevitable. This is where you’ll need to be convinced, I get it! But let’s just start with my journey, losing a quarter of my weight and transforming my health.

Failed diets and poor health

I’ve pretty much eaten low fat all of my life to control my weight. Convinced (as we are still advised) the way to lose weight is calorie counting, avoiding fat, a ‘balanced diet’, small regular meals and of course lots of cardio. After successful periods weight loss stalls, so you’re told to reduced calories further to maintain course. Continual hunger, food cravings and loss of energy meant that sooner or later the determination goes. Willpower is finite and eventually, every time, I lapsed. What’s worse, the weight always came back with a vengeance.

I experienced a continual weight gain for 2 decades, becoming increasingly unhappy and I couldn’t understand why following the guidelines never worked. As we all do, I blamed myself.

Always the black T-shirt as shirts didn’t do up!

I then turned vegetarian for a few years, I finally got sick. I ended up in hospital for 7 weeks with something you shouldn’t really get until you’re in your 80’s. The doctors were mystified how my immune system had become so low.

The next two years were spent seeing specialists about inflamed legs and aching joints. Finally they said I’d have them for life and there’s nothing I could do.


And what do we do when angry with healthcare? Reach for Google! The next few days changed my life – I discovered the anti inflammatory effects of something called a Ketogenic diet (High Fat, Medium Protein, Low Carb) and what was there to lose in trying it?

After just 6 DAYS of high fat, low carb eating my legs were normal size, my knees didn’t hurt and I could walk without hobbling. Until that moment I had no idea how sick I’d got. I must stress all of these benefits were before I’d lost any weight.

That’s 6 days (plus 2 days of Googling) to fix something the doctors said I’d have for life. 6 days after two years of scans and tests without an outcome.

And that’s when the weight loss started

Over the next year this new way of eating became a habit, I rarely was hungry before mid afternoon and that’s the secret to it. Satiety from Protein and Fat is the polar opposite of those hunger pangs a high Carbohydrate diet generates.

I lost 5 stone (70lbs) in the first year. There’s still work to be done but this is a great start I hope you’ll agree. During this year I started running at the gym because I could. Joining my Gym buddies sprinting on the treadmill instead of walking for the first time in 3 years felt fantastic.

I continued to research everything low carb, discovered fasting and many other things along the way. I also studied for my Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Loss.

There’s so much to talk about but my ambition is to build a series of posts for those that are interested in the full picture, then to build towards the one perfect blog post to show your friends and family who’re thinking of finding the benefits of Low Carb, adding any nuggets of knowledge we learn along the way.

If there’s any post subject you’d like me to cover, feel free to drop me a line at frank@GoLowCarb.co.uk

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